Certified Lifting Engineer

Occupation health and safety has become an integral part of people’s life. So, it does happen for the employer who has shouldering responsibility to take care of the employees doing work on his behalf. To prevent any mishaps in the work area, awareness is important to every individual in the work place. People should be highly competent enough to carry out the specified job and reduce the cost associated with accidents. The scope of occupational safety and health has evolved gradually and continuously in response to social, political, technological and economic changes. This course focuses mainly on lifting operation happening in the industry which would help the competent person to carry out the activities with adequate precautions. The Certified Lifting Engineer course is designed to provide extensive knowledge for people who have been working on lifting operation for a long time and this will aid them to understand their technical aspects with engineering solution with the current advancements in the technologies. The course focuses on requirements of relevant standards and also engineering procedures involved with lifting operations. This Advanced Programmer deeply discusses on lifting accessories including their thorough examination procedures and criteria for continued periods of service during the operations.
This course is broadly divided onto 4 units that comprehensively deals with the best practices involved during lifting operations.

This part covers the basic components associated with lifting operations namely
1 Basic definitions of the Lifting operations
2 Study on Work load limit and Safe Working Load
3 Legal Aspects covered on LOLER (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulation) – 1998
This part covers the roles and responsibility of the supervisor who ensures the safe lifting operations like
1 Responsibility of the supervisor, crane operator and signaler
2 How to carry to out the risk assessment prior to the commencement of the operation
3 Stability and load balance checks done to prevent collapse of the lifting vehicle
4 How to select the components required for lifting operation and their criteria to be focused during selection
5 Different types of slings to be used for different lifting operations
6 Types of ropes and their capacities
7 How to maintain the components of the lifting gears and also their inspection requirements
This part covers the mathematical calculations to be done for determine the load limits to be followed during the lifting operations
1 The safe working load calculation and their factors to be considered during the lifting operation
2 The rules and regulations to be followed during the slinging and load handling operations
3 Different type of hitches and concept of center of gravity to be addressed during lifting operation
This part covers the overall approach to be followed during the lifting operations like
1 Development of lifting plan and the types of lift for the operation which is the basic aspect of lifting operations
2 How to select the crane based on the geographic locations availability
3 Developing the safe systems of work for lifting operation like what will be the means of communication, checklist to be adhered and the basic PPEs to be used during the lifting operations

CPDSO Course

Certified Scaffolding Supervisor
Train the trainer certification
 Certified Senior Accident / Incident investigator
Certified Safety Practitioner in Occupational Safety & Health

Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

This training course will highlight:

  • The need of a competent lifting supervisor
  • Legal regulation to be adhered during lifting operations
  • Selection of the right component for lifting operations
  • Inspection and pre-use checks to be done prior to the operations

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills required for lifting operation.
  • Understand the need of selecting the lifting gears for the operations
  • Understand the elements that combine to form an accident.
  • Develop confidence & professionalism in investigating, interviewing & reporting systems to be carried out in case of lifting accidents
  • Apply the legal requirements and company procedures

Who should undertake CPDSO Certified Lifting Engineer?

This online Certified Lifting Engineer course is designed to help individuals who will be involved in the tenacious lifting operation the major operation during the construction activity. It will ensure the course taker to understand the depth knowledge to be adhered during the lifting operation and ensure the activity to be carried is safe for them as well as for those who are affected by it.
This training course is suitable for those officers who may become involved in these investigation as well as Managers wishing to have a deeper knowledge of this process and crucially how it affects the interpretation of the law, regulations and company procedures. This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • HSE Officers
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Advisors
  • Auditors
  • Team Leaders/Managers


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