Construction Industry HSE Management Systems & Practitioner Responsibilities

This course is specially designed for organization and employees to provide knowledge on reducing number of accidents/ near misses for employees at workplace.

Construction Industry HSE management system is a comprehensive management system helps in preventing and controlling workplace hazards that would enhance employee morale and increase business productivity.

This course covers wide range of topics in detail right from procedures to prevent production interruption, ways to reduce and avoid equipment damage, insurance cost, workers absence, legal cost of incidents/accidents.

Learning outcomes

  • Reduce the number of injuries/ accidents to employees at workplace by taking preventive control measures of workplace hazard

  • Reduce the risk of accidents

  • Minimize workplace risk, enhances employee morale as well as productivity

  • Cut down production interruptions and reduce material/equipment damage

  • Minimize insurance cost and cost of employee absence

  • Reduce legal cost of accident litigation/ fines and minimize expenditures on emergency supply

  • Lessen accident investigation time, supervisor’s time diverted, administrative works and loss of experience and expertise.

Assessment method

Candidates are assessed with non-supervised online examination, which is of question answers format. This can be taken at any convenient time by the candidate. After the successful completion of Construction Industry HSE Management Systems & Practitioner Responsibilities self-assessment test, the learners will get the course completion certification approved by CPD from Green World Group.

Accident Investigation

CPDSO Approved Courses

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Construction Industry HSE Management
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Learning Modes

CPD, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
In-Company Training


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