NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification (EAW)

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification introduces the learners to environmental issues at work. This course accentuates the role of individuals in contributing towards improved organizational performance. Also, the course delivers knowledge of environmental impacts and risk control. The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification fulfils the training demands of organizations required for ISO 14001 implementation.

The courses in our portfolio are designed upon the immense research performed with professional bodies, health and safety personnel, employers and regulators and made sure to be relevant, precise, practical, and achievable.

The learners are evaluated based on their proficiency in deploying the skills and learning to a range of issues and on their ability to create positive impacts in the workplace.

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Who Can Study NEBOSH EAW?

The qualification is suitable for all interested in obtaining basic knowledge of environmental impacts and risk control and gives an introduction to implementing ISO 14001.

Learners without any prior subject knowledge can find this environmental qualification as an ideal choice.

This qualification is globally recognized and includes the principles of environmental management, not just the UK-specific law. This is optimal for:

  • Team leaders and supervisors.
  • Facilities managers.
  • Everyone interested in contributing positively to the environment.

Entry Requirements of NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work

Though there are no formal requirements, still, it is suggested that the learners understand the syllabus contents in the language that the course is delivered and assessed.

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Study modes:

Offered in diverse learning choices – E-learning/Distance Learning

Duration of NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work

The qualification requires 6 hours of teaching duration and an hour of assessment preparation (approx.) This study duration also includes 3 hours of pre-course reading.

The course can be taught in a day, along with a 30-minute multiple-choice examination, which is carried out during the course end.

1.0 Foundations of environmental awareness
1.1 The meaning of environment, habitats, eco-systems, pollution and sustainability
1.2 The importance and benefits of sustainable development
1.3 Environmental management systems (EMS)
2.0 Pollution, impact assessments and emergencies
2.1 Principles and practice of impact (risk) assessments
2.2 The main sources, types, controls and impacts of air pollution
2.3 The main sources, controls and impacts of water pollution
2.4 The main sources, controls and impacts of environmental noise
2.5 Types of waste
2.6 Waste management
2.7 Dealing with environmental emergencies

NEBOSH EAW Additional Resources

Student Guide by NEBOSH
Sample Course Book by NEBOSH
NEBOSH Lesson Plan


This qualification has the accreditation of and credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation. The qualification holds its exclusive stand in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework – SCQF at SCQF Level 5 with 1 SCQF credit point.

Progression after Nebosh EAW

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification gives a fundamental introduction to environmental management at work. If the learners are eager to progress in their growth, they can pursue NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management.

If seeking an understanding of health and safety issues that would go well with the learning gained from this qualification, they can proceed to the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification.

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