Accident investigation – ROSPA, UK

Accident investigation training course provide strong understanding and knowledge in accident investigation / near misses in the workplace. This helps in identifying the root cause of accidents and to take precautionary actions from reoccurring.

This course also highlights why root causes are missed routinely, which aids the organization to initiate consistent improvement programs that enhances workplace health and safety.

Who can study?

Accident investigation training courses are ideal for:

  • Professionals with responsibility to investigate accidents
  • Safety Supervisor/ representatives/ coordinators/ specialist/ mangers etc.
  • Line managers.

Course Overview

Green World Group’s accident investigation course is of video format that runs for 30 -45 minutes. At the end of the course candidates will be assessed by Multiple Choice Questions. On successfully completing the assessment, candidates shall be provided with accident investigation certificate which they can print a wallet card with unique identification number. This card can be verified by scanning QR code / Check a Card function available on Human Focus International LMS home page.

Accident investigation contains 2 units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to the principles
    • Collect Facts
    • Different Interpretations of the accident (Listening to various witnesses)
    • Establish Causes
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Accident Investigation Outcomes
  • Unit 2: Investigation techniques
    • How do accidents happen?
    • Getting to the Root of Problem
    • Why are the root causes routinely missed during accident investigations?

Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will have effective knowledge on investigating accidents and its root cause
  • Educate intended audience about the entire accident investigation process

  • Teach trainees about facts collecting after an accident
  • Educate trainees on how to effectively perform root cause analysis to prevent accident reoccurrence
  • Educate trainees on why root cause is missed routinely during accident investigation

IIRSM Approved Courses

Accident Investigation
First Aid
Lifting Operation
Fire Safety
Permit to Work

Learning Modes

ROSPA, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
In-Company Training


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