Certified Fire Protection Specialist Course Training Certification

The Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) credential has its roots back in 1971. Intended to deliver documenting proficiency and providing professional recognition for those with the responsibility to limit fire loss, including physically and financially, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has established this credential.

This globally acknowledged credential is dedicated to fire protection and makes the individual an outstanding candidate in his career.

CFPS Professionals include

  • Risk managers.
  • Loss prevention specialists.
  • Fire officers.
  • Fire marshals.
  • Fire inspectors.
  • Safety managers.
  • Fire protection consultants.
  • Designers, engineers.
  • Code enforcers.
  • Facility managers.
  • Anyone with the role to manage fire safety application, protection, prevention, and suppression techniques.
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Why choose CFPS Certification Course?

To enrol into this credential, learners should have:

  • CFPS certification makes the individual stand apart from the crowd. This credential demonstrates the individual accomplishment of the person and proves his ability in the sector. Being a CFPS means the professional is not restrained to just a degree or a role. But you are a certified professional with the power to make a determined career journey. Moreover, you will have complete satisfaction with your job.

  • Whether you are looking to start a career or accelerate your growth, CFPS Certification offers unique advantages. Getting you the CFPS credential represents your skills and knowledge to save facilities from fire. This also stands for your utmost commitment to your career and distinguishes your dedication to controlling physical and financial loss related to fire.

  • This emerging job market no longer can give the best from a mere academic degree and equips the competency to cope with the competition. The CFPS certification arms you with an extensive range of hands-on knowledge and skills that you can constantly implement in your daily job activities. CFPS certification is built on the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook. This means you can be relaxed that your learning will preserve the organization and facility against physical and financial losses of fire incidents.

Objectives of learning CFPS

  • To kick-start your path to CFPS Certification.
  • Make you acquainted with the Structure & Scope of Fire Protection Handbook.
  • Deep understanding of CFPS Knowledge concepts.
  • Ensure the candidates can confidently answer CFPS Questions and pass the exam.

What are the learning outcomes of CFPS?

  • Understanding of the Fire and Fire Science.
  • Gather knowledge into the safety aspects and practise to prevent fire in a built environment.
  • Knowledge of the Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems.
  • Familiarity with the hazards and fire prevention and protection methods related to equipment, processes and facilities.
  • Know-how on designing and dealing with ignition prevention or mitigating early fire growth.
  • Proficiency of the Detection & Alarm System.
  • Strong insights into various fire suppression systems.
  • A brief look into Fire Risk Analysis, Fire Incident Data and Fire Investigations.
  • Know about the Confinement of Fire.
  • Understanding of Egress Design and Occupant Evacuation in Diverse Environments.
  • An outline of emergency & Non-Emergency Functions of the Fire Department.

Who can study CFPS Certification Course?

  • Project Engineers or Managers.
  • Risk Engineers or Managers.
  • Loss control or Loss Prevention specialists.
  • Fire Officers.
  • Fire Marshals.
  • Fire Inspectors.
  • Fire & Safety Engineers or Managers.
  • Safety Consultants.
  • Safety Designers.
  • Engineers.
  • Code Enforcers.
  • Facility Managers.
  • Anyone directly or indirectly involved with Fire & Safety projects.
Course Material of CFPS

Throughout the training, participants will get comprehensive course material that covers:

  • A soft copy of the Training Presentation.
  • Practice Questions for the CFPS Exam.

The original Book price is USD 300+ Shipping Charges

  • NFPA® Fire Protection Handbook 20th edition

Eligibility for the CFPS Exam

To enrol into this credential, learners should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering/ technology/ similar discipline from a recognized college or university. In addition, they should possess 2 years of proven experience in curtailing fire loss, including physically and financially.

  • Relevant degree in engineering/ technology/ similar discipline from a recognized college/university and 4 years of proven experience in curtailing fire loss, including physical and financial.

  • High school diploma or similar. Additionally, 6 years of proven working knowledge is required in curtailing fire loss (physical and financial)

The CFPS Exam

The CFPS exam is conducted on the basis of the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 20th edition. It is a single–source handbook of sophisticated fire protection and fire prevention practices.

Exam Information

  • Computer-based test.
  • Open Book Examination.
  • 3 Hrs duration.
  • 100 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • 70% passing Score.
CFPS Examination Fee details
  • Program Fee – Application or exam costs $399.
  • CFPS Exam – Online Training Fee is US $500.
  • Annual Renewal Cost: US$125.00.
Validity of CFPS® Certification
  • 3 Years Validity.
  • 50 Points.

Computer-based scoring

  • Direct answer recording on the screen.
  • At least a 70% score is required for a pass.
  • As per CFPS policy, the release of examination scores is prohibited. The candidates of the exam will be notified as a ‘Pass’ or ‘Did not pass’. In case, did not pass, they will receive a diagnostic report.
  • Undergoing the exam as a computer-based test will enable the candidates to get the test result print-out during the end of the examination. This is an unofficial test result, and an official letter will be mailed to the candidates after 4 weeks of the examination.


CFPS® certified and experienced trainers with at least 10-15 years of expertise will handle the training and projects.

  • Obtaining the Exemplar Global empowers participants to become members of a global certification body. This improves their global competitiveness.

  • Opens up windows of new opportunities for international audit companies.

  • Groom your skills to get highly paid job opportunities within your organization.

  • Enables yourselves to establish yourself as a professional ISO Lead Auditor.

Delivery Methods of CFPS Course
  • Presentations, including Audio/Video.
  • Questions Practice.

Batch Size

  • A batch covers 10-15 students.
  • 50 Hrs course duration.
  • Regular Fast-track batches.

After Training Services (ATS)

  • Question Bank with sample questions.
  • Re-training within 6 months.
  • Instant support by the in-house trainers.
  • Guidance for the application Form.
Enrollment Policy of CFPS
  • After carefully reading the enrolment policies, individuals should register their names and other essential information via an online registration form.

  • 50% Course Fee should be made in advance during the registration and the pending fee can be paid on the first day of training.

CFPS Certification Issuance Policy

Upon the training completion and attaining a satisfactory level, participants can get their Course Completion Certificate and necessary PDUs in 7 calendar days.


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