HAZOP Study and Risk Analysis

HAZOP Study and Risk Analysis is a systematic E-learning program aimed at professionals with the responsibility to perform risk assessment in diverse industries. This course gives insights into the details of Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies that improve the skills and knowledge of learners to address the complexities of risk identification, analysis, and management that probably lie in the life cycle of processes and systems.

HAZOP Study and Risk Analysis Certification is ideal for anyone with previous knowledge in hazard & operability study and seeking to upgrade their proficiency in hazard and risk analysis.

A HAZOP study is a structured review of processes/operations intended to determine whether deviations from the original design or processes can lead to undesirable consequences. This approach is suited for both batch and continuous processes, which are typically performed to evaluate written procedures.

Upon completion of the review process, the HAZOP team will derive the various causes & consequences of deviation and the existing safety measures protecting against deviation. If there are no adequate safeguards for a credible deviation, the team will recommend suitable corrective measures to mitigate the risk.

HAZOP Study Course Content

The course learners will delve into five major elements meticulously designed to master the HAZOP methodologies.

  • Apply advanced process HAZOP and risk assessment techniques
  • Discuss mechanics of dispersion, fire, explosion and toxic releases
  • Explain the concept of Quantified Risk Assessment ‘QRA’ and the HAZOP study methodology
  • Practice HAZOP team leadership
  • Understand the concepts of risk assessment and risk management
  • Understand the estimation and evaluation of risks – qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantified risks
  • Apply techniques for hazard identification and analysis – checklists, risk profiling, HAZOP, FMEA and task-based risk assessment
  • Apply cause-consequences analysis – the role of fault trees and event trees in accident prevention
  • Understand HAZOP studies their benefits and their short comings
  • Understand the requirements of a team leader or facilitator, scribe and team members during HAZOP studies
  • Facilitate a HAZOP study

Objectives of the HAZOP Course

  • Apply the latest HAZOP and risk assessment techniques.
  • Discuss mechanics of dispersion, fire, explosion and release of toxic substances.
  • Illustrate Quantified Risk Assessment ‘QRA’ and the HAZOP study methodology.
  • Practice HAZOP team leadership.
  • Hands-on knowledge on the concept of risk assessment and risk management.
  • Knowledge of assessing and evaluating risks that include qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantified risks.
  • Implement hazard identification and analysis techniques such as risk profiling, checklists, HAZOP, FMEA and task-based risk assessment.
  • Execute cause-consequences analysis which emphasizes the need for fault trees and event trees to prevent accidents.
  • Know the best sides of HAZOP studies and their shortcomings.
  • awareness on the importance of team leader/facilitator, scribe and team members while conducting HAZOP studies.
  • Facilitate a HAZOP study.

Who can take HAZOP Study Training?

This training is right for anyone with the role of risk management process which includes all levels of design, Engineering, Maintenance, Process operations, production, Health and safety.

Hazop Study Assessment

On completing the HAZOP Training, the participants are provided with an Online MCQ and a certificate of competency on the subject.

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