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It’s the mandatory duty of every employers to keep eyes open on fire hazards in their organization in order to maintain high standards of fire safety. Fire safety course will help employers of organizations to comply with legal requirements and educate employees on the possibilities of fire risks and preventive measures to control them. Almost every organization shows complacent attitude towards fire safety. Local and international legislations states that the employers should ensure that their workers are aware and provided with fire safety training.

Who can study?

Fire safety training course is ideal for,

  • Fire safety / Rescue department professionals
  • Manager/supervisors
  • Safety aspirants
  • Employees of any sector

Course Overview

Fire at workplace would cause catastrophic results – people can get injured and it may leads to fatality, which the organization may never recover. Thus it is important to create and maintain high safety standards to minimize and control potential fire risk at workplace. Fire safety training for employees of all organization plays a vital role in creating the workplace safer.

Green World Group’s fire safety training course is of video format that runs for 45 minutes to 1 hour. At the end of the course candidates will be assessed by Multiple Choice Questions. On successfully completing the assessment, candidates shall be provided with accident investigation certificate which they can print a wallet card with unique identification number. This card can be verified by scanning QR code / Check a Card function available on Human Focus International LMS home page.

Fire safety course contains 6 units,

  1. Extinguishing Fires at Work
  2. Introduction to the role of Fire Warden
  3. Fire Safety In Offices – What Everyone Needs To Know
  4. Fire Safety In Industry – What Everyone Needs To Know
  5. Fire Safety In Healthcare – What Everyone Needs To Know
  6. Essentials Of Fire Risk Assessment – Generic Version

Learning Outcomes

  • Help to reduce the risk of financial implications related to fire hazards
  • Can deal with potential fire risk and hazards safely at workplace
  • Understand fire extinguisher’s principles and its types
  • Have introduction on the role of fire warden
  • Know the essentials of fire risk assessment
  • Understand fire safety in health care /offices/industry etc.

IIRSM Approved Courses

Fire Safety
Permit to Work

Learning Modes

CPD, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
In-Company Training


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