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NEBOSH is a prominent UK-based Examination board offering internationally recognized health and safety courses ranging from introductory to advanced level diplomas. These qualifications are recognized by professional membership bodies like IOSH & IIRSM.

It is a highly regarded safety qualification aiming to shape the future safety professional by enhancing their knowledge and expertise in Health & safety. These courses are delivered by NEBOSH’s accredited Learning Partners worldwide.

Yes, NEBOSH courses can be studied in e-learning options. It offers flexible schedules, enabling access to online course materials and equipping yourself with essential health and safety skills with comprehensive learning experience.
NEBOSH advices that learners must have a minimum standard of English for all NEBOSH courses as the course and assessments are conducted in English, and the basic knowledge of health and safety is beneficial for completing the course.
Yes, the NEBOSH International Diploma is equivalent to degree, where it meets academic requirement for Graduate IOSH membership. It serves as a solid foundation for students aiming to advance their studies to a Master’s degree level in the Health and Safety field.

It is highly sought-after by employers from a range of industries. It is comparable to an Honours Degree. However, it is a vocational qualification and cannot be referred to as a degree.

While no prerequisite qualifications are needed to pursue NEBOSH IDIP, students who have completed the International General Certificate may find it easier to complete this course.
There is no fixed order for studying NEBOSH courses; you can choose based on your interests and career goals. Starting with foundational qualifications like NEBOSH HSW, a National/International General Certificate is common. Advanced courses should align with your own expertise and industry needs.
It typically depends on what qualification you choose, the timetable provided by your learning partner and your learning hours. In general, you could spend for,

    • NEBOSH IGC: Total recommended study time: 105 hours (taught + Self-study) Course duration: 12 months, E-learning Access validity: 12 months, average completion time: 6- 8 months.
    • NEBOSH IDIP: Completed over 9 to 36 months.
    Yes, the NEBOSH HSW (Health and Safety at Work) is specifically designed for individuals with little or no prior health and safety knowledge. It’s an excellent starting point for those looking to enter the field or gain basic knowledge in health and safety principle
    NEBOSH Online Open Book Examinations can be taken using any digital medium (PC, Laptop, or any other smart device) within your comfort zone.

    Candidate can make use of their textbook, course provider notes, internet as resources to understand the question and give the most appropriate answer to the given scenario/questions and complete the exam in the given time.

    Copy-Pasting from any resources lead to fails in the Exams.

    Each question is unique and based on a real-time workplace scenario, to ensure and know how the candidate is well versed in using health and safety at the workplace.

    NEBOSH IG1 requires a 45 percent pass mark, while IG2 is not graded; it displays ‘PASS’ for success and ‘REFER’ for a failed exam.
    Your results will be available 50 working days after the examination date and will be sent to the email address registered with your learner record.
    NEBOSH allows multiple attempts to pass exams, supporting the candidates in achieving their qualification. If you decide to re-appear for your exam, consult your learning partner and register yourself for the exam again.
    After your NEBOSH exam, you can ask for a review or remark of your paper within a certain time frame. You can clarify any doubts or challenge marking errors if needed.
    If you have passed a NEBOSH course, you will receive a certificate recognizing your achievement in that NEBOSH course. your certificate will be mailed to you within 20 working days.
    Yes, international students can take NEBOSH exams in their home countries. NEBOSH has an extensive network of accredited examination centers worldwide where exams are conducted. This allows students to take their exams in their own country.
    There is no expiration date on your IOSH, and the same goes for the NEBOSH General Certificate.

    If you want to progress onto other NEBOSH qualifications, like the NEBOSH Diploma or specialist NEBOSH Certificates, you will need to do so within 5 years of passing your NEBOSH General Certificate.

          • NEBOSH HSW: Introductory Level-2 qualifications that offer basic understanding of Health & Safety
          • NEBOSH IGC: Internationally recognized Level-3 certification offering comprehensive knowledge in Occupational Health & Safety.
          • NEBOSH IDIP: Advanced Level- 6 diploma providing extensive expertise in Occupational Health & Safety management.
          • NEBOSH PSM: Specialized qualification focusing on Process Safety Management.
          • NEBOSH incident Investigation: Focuses on workplace incident analysis.

    Each level serves individuals at different career stages, offering varying depths of knowledge and expertise in health, safety, and environmental management.

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