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Permit to Work (PTW) is a formal documented procedure that helps in managing certain classes of work which potentially place employees at potential risk. Permit to Work management system aims to control potential risk activities by specifying the kind of activity , involved hazards, preventive measures to reduce the risk etc. If permit to work procedure is correctly followed in high- risk work, the likelihood of employees being harmed is reduced. If not the result may be catastrophic, which may lead to fatality in some cases.

Permit is an authorization record of work activity which must be signed by an authorized person before and after the work by ensuring that the environment is in safe condition.

Types of work permit:

  1. Hot Work Permit
  2. Cold Work Permit
  3. Confined Space Entry Permit
  4. Special Permits

Who can study?

Permit to work is suitable for anybody using permit to work system, right from front line workers to managers.
This course beneficial for both employers and employees

Employer Benefits

  • Offers guidance on permit to work system
  • Ensure workers follow the process
  • Mitigate changes of accidents/incident at workplace

Employee Benefits

  • Strong knowledge and understanding on permit to work system
  • Certificate issued

Course Overview

The objective of permit to work is to make trainees aware of permit to work system, their roles and responsibilities at work etc. this course give clear guidance on how to carry out a job safely and effective way of communicating and reporting issue in carrying out the job.

Green World Group’s permit to work is of video format that runs for 30 -45 minutes. At the end of the course candidates will be assessed by Multiple Choice Questions. On successfully completing the assessment, candidates shall be provided with accident investigation certificate which they can print a wallet card with unique identification number. This card can be verified by scanning QR code / Check a Card function available on Human Focus International LMS home page.

  • Unit 1: What Everyone Needs To Know About Permits To Work

    • What a permit to work system is
    • How Permit to work systems operate
    • Roles and responsibilities of permit to work system
    • Permit to work process
  • Unit 2: How A Permit To Work System Can Fail

    • Case Study 1 – Electrician Accident
    • Case Study 2 – Fire in Storage Still
    • Case Study 3 – Piper Alpha Accident
    • Case Study 4 – Oil Rig Welding Accident
    • Your Role in Making Permit to Work System Effective – Part 1
    • Your Role in Making Permit to Work System Effective – Part 2

Learning Outcomes

On successfully completing permit to work candidate will be able to,

  • Understand permit to work system
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of creating/issuing work permits
  • Understand how work permit process operates
  • Know how to carry out work safely by permits to work
  • Communicate with supervisors and managers at workplace
  • Effectively carry out non-routine tasks and control and eliminate risk at work

IIRSM Approved Courses

Fire Safety
Permit to Work

Learning Modes

CPD, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
In-Company Training


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