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Lifting operations involve in lifting or lowering loads, which also includes people. When accidents involve lifting equipment occur the results may be tragic as well as costly. Accidents and incidents may be caused due to poor maintenance, overload, unsecured equipment / plant, inadequate training for employees. Employers of the organization should remain vigilant and encourage their employees to give more importance to health and safety at workplace all times.

Who can study?

  • Employers
  • Professionals with legal responsibilities to conduct risk assessment
  • Managers / Supervisors

  • Anyone involved in lifting operations

Course Overview

Lifting operation course helps to explore general principles applied to all type of mechanical lifting/moving of loads to reduce the risk of injuries/ accidents.

Green World Group’s lifting operations is of video format that runs for 30 -45 minutes. At the end of the course candidates will be assessed by Multiple Choice Questions. On successfully completing the assessment, candidates shall be provided with accident investigation certificate which they can print a wallet card with unique identification number. This card can be verified by scanning QR code / Check a Card function available on Human Focus International LMS home page.

  • Unit 1: Lifting Operations – What Everyone Needs To Know
    • Right equipment
    • Careful coupling
    • Identify workplace problems
    • Danger zone
    • Safe speed
    • Proper authorization
    • Check equipment
    • Check load
    • Have enough help
    • Use eyes & ears
    • Be seen and heard
  • Unit 2: Essentials of Conducting Lifting Operations Risk Assessment
    • Identify any Hazards
    • Decide Who Might be Harmed and How?
    • Evaluate the Risks
    • Record Your Findings
    • Review Your Assessment

Learning Outcomes

  • Flexible principles applied to on- site mechanical handling task to make sure safe work practice
  • Real time scenarios that demonstrate the principles are part and parcel of working safely and effectively
  • Tips that help employees ‘s life safe at workplace

IIRSM Approved Courses

Accident Investigation
First Aid
Lifting Operation

Learning Modes

CPD, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
In-Company Training


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