ISO – Lead Auditor Training Courses

ISO Lead Auditor Training Courses Certification

Green World Group calls for individuals passionate about learning the skills necessary to audit and assess the effectiveness of management systems of organizations. Our comprehensive range of ISO lead auditor training courses are designed to equip the learners with essential skills to conduct first, second and third-party audits as per the ISO standards. These courses intend to deliver expertise that ensures that the audits are performed in compliance with the latest industry practices, procedures and all other parties involved.

All these training courses are formulated to offer participants an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of auditing and help them to plan, conduct, report, and follow-up on audits.

Diverse offerings of IRCA ISO Lead Auditor Courses

Build up your personal competence in effectively auditing under the ISO standards. Our portfolio contains an array of internationally accredited IRCA ISO lead auditor courses that upskill participants for the ISO standards and its formal requirements.

Who qualifies for ISO lead auditor training qualifications?

These qualifications are well-suited for anyone involved or responsible to audit, assess and improve the quality management systems. This includes:

  • Quality professionals
  • Management Representatives
  • Quality managers
  • Quality engineers
  • Quality internal auditors
  • Quality engineers
  • ISO consultants
  • Quality supervisors
  • Quality analysts/ inspectors/ coordinators
  • Anyone who wants to pursue a career in QMS auditing.

Entry Requirements of ISO Lead Auditor Certifications

  • All delegates should have a good understanding of quality management principles and concepts.
  • Knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Knowledge of the PDCA cycle.

Benefits of ISO lead auditor qualifications

  • Grooms the knowledge and abilities in auditing enabling the candidates to perform audits by the necessary standards.

  • Equips the professional skills to meet the organizational objectives.

  • Ensures you have updated Knowledge and Skills in Quality Management System Standard.

  • Describes the purpose of an audit, audit reporting and follow-up.

  • Risk-based thinking process.

  • Instils the practical auditing skills to become globally recognized certified Lead Auditors.

  • Skills to identify the non-conformances in the system and implement corrective actions.

Career Opportunities after ISO Lead Auditor Certification

  • Getting a recognized ISO lead auditor certification confirms your status as a competent lead auditor.

  • Nurtures the opportunities to become a part of top management.

  • Mastering auditing skills increases your earning potential.

  • Exemplar Global Lead Auditor recognition introduces you to wide job prospects.

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