Diploma in Electrical Safety

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Course Overview

Diploma in electrical safety focuses on regulations and practices followed by industries around the world to achieve highest degree of electrical safety at workplaces. The curriculum is designed to make the complex norms and standards into easy-to-understand terms for the participants. Even veteran electricians and professionals will find the course informative and can update their knowledge and skills to prevent any electricity-related injury or accident.

The participants are trained to follow the best management practices when they handle personnel responsible for generation, transmission and power distribution systems at workplaces. As electricity panels and distribution system are available in every building, people who are responsible for its maintenance and service should join this course to gain additional knowledge for effective handling of power issues.

Students and working professionals joining this course will be issued study materials that are prepared by the experts from Princeton Energy Resources International (PERI), who have decades of experience in power sector. PERI has documented its knowledge and used international literature to prepare this reference manual for students, who wish to work as electricity safety experts in the power sector.

There are Eight Chapters

Chapter 1:

This chapter includes safety mechanisms and procedures for companies to evaluate their safety preparedness. Students are also taught on how to create a safety culture within the organization, good housekeeping methods and workers’ orientation program.

Chapter 2:

Knowledge on instrumentation used in power sector such as meters, monitors and sensors that are used for checking air quality, noise level, and others.

Chapter 3:

It covers widely used basic safety practices for areas such as chemical sector, how to assess job hazards, understanding of personal protective equipment, first aid and resuscitation, fire prevention and protection and rescue and providing safety to people involved in excavations and other confined spaces.

Chapter 4:

Includes procedures for safe usage of field equipments such as hand tools, workshop tools and machinery, ladder and scaffolding, forklift, crane, compressed gas cylinders, drums and welding equipments.

Chapter 5:

Covers general practices and procedures to achieve complete electrical safety. Best practices to avoid electrical shock, procedures for lockout and tag out along with field study, general safe work practices for linemen, electrical safe work practices, safe handling of electrical equipment, safety procedures to follow while working near power lines and safety practices to be followed for electrical power transmission.

Chapter 6:

This chapter covers safety rules for workers. Topics included are critical incident stress, working with electrical protective devices and toxic chemicals, hazard assessments procedures, hand protection, guidance to choose personal protective equipment and managing sanitation and industrial hygiene. Also covers, discussions on identifying and marking physical hazards, advantages of using accident prevention signs and posters and fire protection and other relevant topics.

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  • Candidates/ Delegates who successfully complete and obtain the National Diploma Course (approved by the Govt. of India) could further apply for a membership status with IIRSM. Awarding of the membership is at the discretion of IIRSM provided they have met the required guidelines for the same.
  • Certificate & Mark lists are issued by Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, affiliated to Govt. of India.
  • The diploma is recognized in several nations.
  • The certification increments one year in your educational qualifications.

The diploma certificate is recognized to be attested by

Consular Services : i.e. Indian consulate
Ministry of External Affairs : India and other ministries of foreign affairs which include Middle East region.

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