An Introduction to NEBOSH Courses

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is one of the top most leading UK based examining body for occupational health and safety.

The qualifications offered by NEBOSH are designed to enhance the knowledge and skill for preventing work place injuries/ saving the lives and to safeguard the environment for future generation.

This also provides an opportunity to develop oneself professionally in health and safety sector.

The following content will help you to know more about NEBOSH qualification

NEBOSH offers internationally recognized wide variety of vocational qualifications on Health, Safety and environmental management needs.

NEBOSH themselves don’t deliver the courses directly. They create the syllabus, examination pattern and other assessments for their qualifications.The courses are delivered to students by NEBOSH accredited course provider across the world.

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There are many valid reasons in choosing NEBOSH qualification, which may depends upon your own convenience.

Around 90 % of health and safety jobs demands NEBOSH qualification as minimum entry level in getting a job in health and safety sector, which offers them to begin their career in OHSM.

NEBOSH qualifications are designed for understanding and improving the knowledge on the key elements of health and safety like risk assessment,identification of hazards, legal compliance and much more, which helps in managing risk at all type of workplace.Improvement in knowledge will certainly leads to improved skills.

NEBOSH qualifications will help to improve leadership and other interpersonal skills which are quite crucial to all people in health and safety role, which gives the ability in influencing and changing the behavior by educating co-workers to implement better health and safety practices.

NEBOSH qualifications need good written and communicational skills,which allows to prepare report and documents for reporting on health and safety at your workplace. The report / document should be of clear and concise, so that it can be used other than health and safety responsibilities.

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NEBOSH qualifications are considered to be a core skill in general management, health and safety roles – right from safety officers to manager and also for people with health and safety responsibilities in their work.

Some of the jobs which requires NEBOSH qualifications are,

1.Health and Safety Officer
2.Health and Safety Advisor
3.Fire Safety Manager
4.HR Manager
5.General Manager

The courses are primarily apt for people who look to develop the knowledge and skill in health and safety, improving safety culture at work place, develop career in health and safety.

The NEBOSH qualification types might determine the level of knowledge you would like to become.

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The qualifications by NEBOSH are of three types: Awards, Certifications, and Diplomas, which allows you to get qualified in different level. Awards and certificates are the best choice as an entry level to health and safety field.

Awards: This is an introduction course, as it demonstrates the basic understanding of health and safety and also helps to improve safety culture at workplace.

Certificate : NEBOSH Certificate level covers fundamental knowledge of health and safety . NEBOSH IGC is the widely held health and safety qualification throughout the world and this is the most demanded qualification from the employees. NEBOSH International General Certificate is ideal qualification for people to develop a long term career in occupational health and safety.

Specialist Certificates: NEBOSH also provides specific certificate courses for some areas like Process safety management, fire, oil & gas risk management, construction. These certificates focus more on respective industry.

Diplomas: These are the highest level of NEBOSH qualifications which can be obtained to become a competent person in health and safety. Candidates after completing Diploma can apply for the Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (CMIOSH) and Membership of the International Institute Risk & Safety Management (MIIRSM).

NEBOSH courses are quite flexible. There are many ways to learn NEBOSH courses depending upon your own personal commitments, comfortable learning methodology,location and other required support. The ways to take up this course purely depends upon the course provider.

Classroom Learning: This will be ideal for people preferring regular support in learning with continuous contact with HSE expert tutor and other candidates. You will have to travel to a specific location and have to sit and learn for some hours for a set of days. This will perfectly suits for people with need to have structured approach to learning.

Distance learning (Virtual classroom training) : This will be apt for working professionals or people who cannot allocate exact timings for learning .This provides an opportunity to learn whenever , wherever you wish to learn i.e. one can learn in their free time like in between work or at home etc. this mode of study is for self-motivated learners.

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The different qualifications by NEBOSH ranges from initial level (Award/Certificate) to highest level (Diploma).

The Award and Certificate level qualifications have no specific entry requirements.

NEBOSH strongly recommends in prior experience of health and safety to take up the highest level of NEBOSH courses (the International Diploma). It is better to take to take up NEBOSH IGC before taking NEBOSH iDip.As the NEBOSH IGC provides a basic knowledge in occupational Health and Safety.

To know further details on NEBOSH entry requirements, take a look at this content.

It is essential and recommended to learn the concepts effectively during study time, not only to get pass in your NEBOSH examination and also to implement the gained knowledge practically at work place.

In order to achieve this, study should begin with proper plan and with committed goal towards NEBOSH examination.

Make use of some revision techniques which suites your learning such as flash/memory cards of key points, mind maps strategy and revision test to keep yourselves engaged in learning progress. Revision is not a small act, it is an active task which should be effective. Allocate time for revision other than study session. Practicing on previous year exam questions papers is must for this course. Another important thing is to make yourself familiarize with what does the NEBOSH expects from you to get qualified in NEBOSH exam will certainly help you. Also read NEBOSH Examiners report from NEBOSH official site. Never forget to give importance for command words by NEBOSH.

NEBOSH conducts various exams to evaluate skills of candidate in the subject. It consists of written exam, which consist of both short and long answers and a report submission based on real time scenario,to determine the practical knowledge gained from theory.Exams will takes place in a designated exam location on specific date.The candidates are supposed to be presented on the date to write the exam, even if the course is done via distance learning. The venue, date varies depend upon the course provider.

The pass marks for the examsvaries depending upon the course you take.For example: NEBOSH IGC has the minimum pass mark of 45% in written examination and 60% for practical assessment.

There exist some factors which influence the cost of NEBOSH course, it is better to carry out research before choosing the proper course provider, who suits your own commitments and resource, like duration, mode of study, type of NBEOSH course, how much impact does it provide after completing the course.

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Choosing NEBOSHcourse needs your time, money along with commitment, so choose the course provider wisely to ensure that they value your money.

Some things to look in for a good course provider and the questions which includes are,

Support from Tutor: know about how the tutor support available, do they provide Quality materials for references?

Flexibility: Do know about the ways of courses provided. Either class based training or distance mode?

Support Levels: what type of study material do they provide? how can you access the tutor and study material ? does the study material is worth ?

After ensuring the course provider fulfills your own commitment. Do register yourself in NEBOSH course to become a HSE professional.